Thursday, May 5, 2016

Reflection 7

I have learned quite a lot from this course that I did not believe I would. In my first reflection I stated that I wanted to gain an appreciation for the Arab culture that so many of my friends fail to do because of blind prejudice. And that is exactly what I did. I learned the Arab side of reasoning for the current conflict between arab and Israeli people. I learned of the language, the traditions, the religion. I saw beautiful architecture and art in the mosque in DC. I learned what many people I know refuse to because of the stereotypes. I've always been aware of stereotypes, being jewish and prejudiced against my whole life because so, I could see it happening to my arab friends as well. But I never saw the ruthless extent to which it pervaded their lives. This course taught me everything and more I wanted to learn about the culture, oppression, and people that I knew very little about but wanted to for the sake of non-ignorance. And that is exactly what this course taught me, by showing me literature, movies, guest speakers and events, effectively giving me a semi-submerssive experience. I truly learned so much about a people that I previosuly never thought I would. Thank you Dr. Esa, it has been a pleasure.