Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekly Report 7

For this report I researched Sheldon Adelson, a very prominent Arab-American business man. He owns many casinos and therefore has a lot of money with which to allocate to various possible organizations. Recently he has pandered to Republicans, reportedly backing Newt Gingrich in 2012. Although he is Arab, he is not in fact Muslim. He is actually Jewish, having some incredibly strict ideas and conceptions about what the Israeli people should do to counteract the Palestinians desiring a nationhood. In fact, he is incredibly afraid of the Palestinians getting control. This is very interesting, as a stereotypical Arab would be Muslim and support the Palestinian revolution. However, Adelson instead is a Jewish man looking forward to the demise of the Palestinian people. What is even stranger to me is the fact that he is a Republican. Most of the Jews I know are in fact Democrats or libertarians, because American Republicans are seen as more conservative and Democrats as being much more diverse and open to change. Yet Adelson is incredibly conservative, and even anti-Arabic. At one point he suggested dropping a nuclear bomb into Iraw as a show of strength so the United States could have an easier time invading if needed and knock out any Arabic or Palestinian rebellions. Overall, Sheldon Adelson is an interesting Arab-American politician, who breaks the norm, or stereotype, of being an Arab-American.

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