Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekly Report 6

Alaa al Aswany is an Egyptian author who has a lot of influence on the Arab world and Egypt through his novels, such as "The Yacoubian Building." His novels shed a truly real light on the Arab world, especially Egypt, and that is exactly why he has became so influential. Aswany has been basically nixed from any and all media in Egypt because his beliefs and works go against that of the current Egyptian president al-Sisi. Al-Sisi has made it very well known and public that you are not allowed to speak against the government. Instead of abiding by this ruling Aswany is forced to write everything through social media, one of the only forms of media not censored by the Egyptian government. In America, we have the right to pretty much completely uncensored material in nearly every facet of our lives. But in Egypt, they run everything as if conflict in opinions could completely shatter the government to the detriment of the government rather than the people. So the government cancels Aswany's events and blocks him on all sites and does whatever they can to make sure that their people do not listen to or try to take offense against the government for the actions that Aswany  brings light to. He was even brought to court, so the government is taking his words and turning them into punishable offenses. This is the more stereotypical kind of view about the Arab world, or at least of the governments within them. Yet even still, their actions are not radical as one would believe from the media's interpretation of the Arab world. They have not assassinated him or threatened his life. While this censorship may be heinous on many accounts, the Egyptian government is at least not attempting to silence him world-wide by murdering him. Doing so would stop the anti- al-ASis speech from Answany directly, but it certainly would start an even more vicious civil war between the government and the many people that have read Answany's works and posts.

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