Sunday, April 3, 2016

Reflection 5

Considering the field trip that we went on to the Arab World centers, the Jerusalem Fund and Palestinian Center gave me a good idea on how to possibly settle the current Israeli-Arab conflict. One of the biggest concerns is that Israel is essentially unchecked because the United Nations cannot vote to enforce any consequences against some of the unethical practices the Israeli nation has committed thus far to the Palestinians all because the American government has repeatedly voted to vote pro-Israel. And since the UN relies on the American vote to act on anything, I think that the best course of action would probably be to set up another Camp David summit. However, the goal should be to make the PLO, the now official representative of the Palestinian people and the Israeli government sit down with the counsel of the American government and figure out a solution. The original Camp David Accords merely set up shaky grounds for further debates, but a full treaty is now necessary. While the American government becoming involved may seem like a risky choice, their vote is the only thing holding back any intervention from the national community, and considering current events, it is finally effecting more and more parts of the world outside of the current Israeli occupied areas. Sitting down all three of these parties and aiming to finally find a resolution between the territory, ruling powers, and transport to and from the middle east needs to be discussed in person, with the goal of finding a solution. Everyone needs to put their national egos aside and do what is right and safe for their people, so that the attacks stop on both ends, and for the sake of the Arab-Israeli relationship.

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