Friday, April 1, 2016

Reflection 5

This field trip was incredible! I learned so much about the Arab World! I learned that while there are certainly connections between all the Arab states, they still have so many differences! I loved the Tunisian embassy because it was interesting, yet the Qatar embassy was even more interesting! The economic differences were staggering. I thought that was an accurate representation of the diversity of not just the Arab world, but the whole world. I especially enjoyed the Islamic Center. I have never been in a mosque, but it was so interesting and unique. I had a tough time understanding our speaker's accent, for which I really am ashamed, because I really feel like I may have missed some interesting facts. Overall I had so much trouble paying attention because of the beautiful art all over the walls and ceiling. I think this experience truly enriched my Arab World experience because it allowed inspection from within the actual culture, rather than studying it from afar as we do almost every day in class. Being able to say that I stepped into other countries is also really interesting, and I am proud to say it was into the Arab World.

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