Thursday, January 28, 2016

Studying the Arab World

I chose to study the Arab world, because I am Jewish, and within the Jewish Youth Community, there seems to be a lot of anti-Arabic sentiment because of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict going on. I saw lots of friends turn anti-Arabic when they began to learn of the struggle between the two groups of people, and I want to learn more, because I refuse to commit to two things when it comes to people. The first thing is committing to hating an entire group of people. The other is accepting a lack of education in the face of adversary, and it seemed like the Jewish people I knew, who were once rational people decided to blindly follow Israeli-propaganda because, and I quote, "We are Jews and these are our people." Prior to 9/11 I had no views on the Arab world  because I was too young to have opinions any different than "I like ice cream and hate coloring books." But as I grew up I came to realize that people held a disdain for people who did not do anything wrong, because a few extreme terrorists claiming to be Islamic decided to do something awful. That never sat well with me, as I was raised not to judge anyone based on first looks, for instance, the only difference I know between Arabic and Islamic cultures is that one is an entire culture and the other is a religion, so I know I'm not very well-versed on either subject. I expect to get a full understanding and respect for the Arab World, as I believe that it is necessary for all people to know in this time of prejudice and hate, so to educate others from perpetuating awful beliefs and stereotypes.